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Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon

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13 years. It’s been 13 years since the release of Age of Mythology on PC. And 12 years since the release of its expansion pack: The Titans. But for great games like Age of Mythology, these years are merely a number. It’s time for a new expansion pack! With the collective experience and with expansions for the Age of Empires II series, Age of Mythology almost feels like the next logical step, although next time we probably shouldn’t wait over a decade before taking on the challenge.
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The expansion features a new campaign, only tangentially related to the Fall of the Trident, and The New Atlantis Campaigns. The campaign is either set sometime after War of the Titans or during the events of The New Atlantis campaign and is set in China. “Due to the rumbling fights of the Titans in the Western world, Yin and Yang are shattered once again. This creates an unseen chaos in the otherwise peaceful China, which is thriving under the rule of Emperor Yao. As a General in the Emperor’s army, Jiao-Long must find a way to restore Yin and Yang and return peace to the empire."
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