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Star Conflict

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Star Conflict is a Free to Play online space combat game featuring multiple Objective-Based Team Gameplay modes, three main factions with 2 respective sub factions each, and an array of ship customization and three types of ships complete with there own ship tree and skill tree.
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A powerful radio signal is registered. It’s a digital wave that’s heard on most frequencies and is sometimes strong enough to disrupt television signals. Though it is obviously of artificial origin, no one is able to decode it, find its source, or figure out any possible patterns or further details for many years. Over time, people grow accustomed to the signal and leading electronics manufacturers integrate special «jammers» into their equipment to override it. From time to time, self-declared «visionaries» claim that they’ve decoded the signal and attempt to describe their visions, but these stories are full of gory details and can never be proven. Soon, such tales come to be thought of as cheap tabloid fodder. And so, the strange Signal becomes just another part of life.
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