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The Sims 3: Lucky Palms

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Rest and relaxation is the name of the game at The Sims 3 Lucky Palms! With ample parks, recreation locales, and a thriving culinary scene, you'll find yourself on an oasis of green amid shifting sands. This desert enclave offers manicured gardens, modern estates, and cozy abodes nestled on the banks of a pristine lake. At the heart of town lies a mysterious well that is said to grant wishes to those who are pure of heart... what will you wish for?
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All New: The Wishing Well –Does your Sim long for Love? Wealth? Power and Fame? Perhaps they yearn for the pitter patter of little feet, or maybe they just want to be happy… The Wishing Well can help your Sim achieve all of these things and more! Just toss a coin and make a wish and see if dreams come true…
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