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The Sims: Unleashed is the fifth expansion pack for The Sims, designed to offer truly lively animal friends, with all the fun and responsibility that comes with pet ownership. Apart from introducing pets into the game as Sims and not objects, Unleashed also offers new careers including Chef, Circus Performer, and naturally, Veterinarian. The expansion also adds 125 new objects, for both pets and people. For the first time, Sims can grow vegetables in their own garden plots. Harvested crops are stored in a pantry, then sold at a farmer's market or enjoyed by the farmers themselves. Gardening Sims may especially appreciate a devoted feline friend, who will help by chasing rabbits and gophers away from the crops.
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Sims can teach their puppy where to "go," or hire the Pet Trainer character to help with housebreaking. The local Pet Show is the place to display prized animals and impress the judges with obedience, temperament, and tricks. Pets also provide a new way for Sims to make new human acquaintances, as a walk in the park is a good way to meet other pet-friendly neighbors. In addition to canine and feline companions, The Sims: Unleashed also lets Sims purchase parrots, lizards, turtles, and other pet shop companions who may require less constant attention.
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